The Past. 


Millstream's Itosca Lass Malu

It started with Millstream's Itosca Lass Malu (21-7-1984) our first golden. Daugther of Odin v.d. Drunenborgh (Belg. Kamp.) and Malu. She had nice show results, particpated in workingtests, gundog tests and agilitytraining. She achieved several (KNJV) B- certificates. In 1999 she becabe best veteran and oldest dog of the show at the championship shop of the GRCB.

Little Suzie v.h. Loevesteinhof

Little Suzie v.h. Loevesteinhof (14-6-1988) is a daugther of Itosca and Mariahoeve Bristl Fashion (imp. UK) . She was also shown and enjoyed the gundogtraining resulting in several KNJV-B certificates and field trial awards : (2nd and 4th place). We also did obedience and agility with her. 

Zingaro of Bridge Four (imp. Bel)

Zingaro of Bridge four (12-2-2000) was imported from Belgium. He was a son of Ch. Ritzilyn Callaghan and Rebel of Bridge Four. He was shown, had some fun in obedience (first special beginners) and doggydance. He was awarded the RCAC at the championship show of the clubmatch van de GRCB

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